Patient Experience

Patients would be able to conveniently schedule a visit either by telephone or online.

Patients can be seen within 24-48 hours of making the appointment. The office visit is in a private setting on Newbury Street in downtown Boston.

Dr. McLaughlin realizes that his patients time is valuable and has always taken pride is making sure that visits start on time. The office boasts a private waiting room and expansive exam room with ample natural light.

A pre-visit intake will be completed online or done when the patient arrives for their first visit. Dr. McLaughlin will take the patient’s history, perform a detailed physical examination, review all relevant notes, operative reports and imaging studies. For the radiographic images, he will personally review the images with the patient and provide context and interpretation, helping the patient better understand the radiographic findings and their relevance to the patient’s condition.

After reviewing history, all notes, studies and physical examination findings, Dr. McLaughlin will provide the patient with his interpretation of their condition. Then, through a shared decision-making process, come up the best treatment for each individual patient. Medically indicated treatments including therapeutic injections, scheduling MRI’s and physical therapy can be done during the first visit.

If an injection of cortisone is indicated, an ultrasound guided injection can be administered. Dr. McLaughlin has over 10 years of experience with performing ultrasound guided injections. Ultrasound guidance allows for more accurate injections, which can provide quicker, more reliable results.

Dr. McLaughlin is well versed in the indication and recommended use of PRP injections as well as other regenerative treatments. He can evaluate patients for possible use of these modalities and administer the guided injections in his office. Regenerative treatments can be a good option for certain conditions, but are not for everyone.

If advanced imaging is recommended, including MRI, Dr. McLaughlin will use his relationships with imaging centers facilitate timely scheduling. Dr McLaughlin’s office staff will contact the imaging facility directly to assist in making an appointment, usually within 24-48 hours.

If therapy is recommended, Dr. McLaughlin has relationships with top physical therapists. His office staff will contact the therapist’s office to help to arrange the first visit.


Consulting with other Physicians

Dr. McLaughlin has an extensive knowledge of orthopedic conditions and is known for his surgical skill.

There are times, however, when he may feel that the patient’s issue could best be interpreted or treated by a known expert in the patient’s particular condition. He utilizes his personal relationships with these experts, consulting with them directly to determine the best course of treatment. If an in-person consultation is recommended with a subspecialty expert, he can facilitate that referral as well.

Throughout Dr. McLaughlin’s career he has seen every patient, every time on every office visit. He wants to continue to practice medicine in this manner to maintain quality care, without compromise. He enjoys getting to know his patients of a personal level, believing that having a hands-on approach and developing trust with patients is critically important to delivering the best care.