Our Practice Philosophy

Dr. McLaughlin provides exceptional care across a wide variety of Orthopedic conditions and has over 25 years of surgical experience.

When I entered the field of medicine, patients were seen in the office almost exclusively by their treating surgeon. With the recent changes in the delivery of medicine, more patients are being seen by physician extenders. I do feel there is a role for these providers in delivering Orthopedic care. However, in order for me provide the highest level of care, I need to see and examine my patients on every visit, making the most efficient use of my time and more importantly the patient's time. I believe this is especially important in Orthopedic Surgery as a “hands on” physical exam and face-to-face discussion is crucial in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of Orthopedic conditions.

I realize that this is not perhaps the most efficient or cost-effective way to deliver care, but it is how I choose to deliver care. Spending more time with individual patients allows me to better understand their symptoms and specific goals in seeking treatment. I enjoy interacting with patients, getting to know them and not just their injury. Over the last 25 years the changing reality of medicine has made spending time with each patient increasingly more difficult.

From talking with my patients, most would prefer to see and interact with their doctor on every visit. Meeting in a relaxed environment, not feeling rushed, able to ask questions.

With the creation of this practice, I can maintain quality care and continue to practice medicine the best way I know how.

Dr. McLaughlin in the News

Dr. McLaughlin has personal connections with some of the top Orthopedic surgeons in the Boston area and around the country. These relationships give him the ability to discuss complicated subspecialty cases with known experts in all areas of Orthopedic surgery should the need arise.

He also believes firmly that if another surgeon is more qualified or experienced in treating the patient’s and an in-person consultation recommended, he can refer the patient directly to that physician. His personal connections with experts across all areas of Orthopedic surgery gives him the ability to directly connect patients with exceptional subspecialists in the Boston area and beyond

Our office is conveniently located on Newbury Street in downtown Boston.