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"When I entered the field of medicine, patients were seen in the office almost exclusively by their treating surgeon. With the recent changes in the delivery of medicine, more patients are being seen by physician extenders. I do feel there is a role for these providers in delivering Orthopedic care. However, in order for me to provide the highest level of care, I need to see and examine my patients on every visit, making the most efficient use of my time and more importantly the patient's time. I believe this is especially important in Orthopedic Surgery as a “hands on” physical exam and face-to-face discussion is crucial in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of Orthopedic conditions."

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neck and shoulder pain on left side

Left-Sided Neck and Shoulder Pain: Common Triggers and Solutions

Are you often caught telling your friends that you’ve got a real “pain in the neck,” and it’s not your annoying co-worker this time? Left-sided neck and shoulder pain isn’t just an old-age thing and could be a real pain in the neck, literally, for anyone. From twitching gamers to diligent desk jockeys to busy

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